Share House Yakumo



Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Conversion of a building with convenient store on the ground floor and residence on first and second floors. Proposal was to use the ground floor as the owner’s residence where it is easy to make barrier-free, and to rent first and second floors as a share house with communal living room, kitchen, and bathrooms.
The ground floor façade is painted in dark brown, to coordinate with the exiting beige tile of the upper floors. Two different usages are expressed by the color of the interior walls that can be recognized from the slit windows above each entrance door. There was no way to avoid long corridors on each floor because of the narrow shape of the building, but by manipulating the corridor space, it has become an open and comfortable space.

  • Location:Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Program:Residence and Share house
  • Completion:2008.06
  • Contractor:Siegest
  • Photos:KOP
  • Total Floor Area:246.50 ㎡


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REVILLA Todoroki ROOM 306