Our aim is to find the simplest and most innovative spatial composition, construction method or other architectural technique that will provide a coherent, clever, and logical solution to the design problems of each project. We investigate and analyze the customer’s requests, observe the urban context, investigate the social interactions that will take place in the social structure, acknowledge local history, culture, building codes and natural environment, and study a range of building materials and techniques.

+Bi-lingual Service

KEY OPERATION Inc. can provide a range of services. For building projects, these include investigating the feasibility of the requirements, developing design proposals, applying for statutory approvals, preparing construction information, obtaining tenders for building works and administering a building contract.
We can also provide other services such as interior design, landscaping, urban planning, graphic design, product design, furniture design and project management.

The Representative Director of Key Operation Inc., Akira Koyama Dip MSc MArch ARB RIBA graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, Master of Architecture course and worked in UK architectural practices, including David Chipperfield Architects, for 6 years. He is registered as an architect both in the UK and Japan and has full knowledge of architectural practices in both countries. He is also a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Our bi-lingual team can provide a full spectrum of design services in the following unique situations:

Design services in Japan for English speaking clients.
Design services outside of Japan for Japanese or English speaking clients.

+Building Types we can design

Private Residence
Flat Alteration, Renovation
Apartment Complex
Retail Stores
Commercial Tenant Buildings
Educational Buildings
Works Space
Office Buildings
Medical Facilities
Cemetery Facilities

+Plan of Works

Design and construction proceeds through a number of Work Stages, which are summarized below:
0 – Strategic Definition
1 – Preparation and Brief
2 – Concept Design (Preliminary Design)
3 – Spatial Coordination (Outline Design)
4 – Technical Design (Detailed Design, Production Information, Tender Documentation)
5 – Manufacturing and Construction (Tender, Mobilisation, Construction)
6 – Handover
7 – Use
A Appraisal
B Strategic Briefing
C Outline Proposals
D Detailed Proposals
E Final Proposals
F Production Information
G Tender Documentation
H Tender Action
I Mobilisation
J Construction to Practical Completion
K After Practical Completion


KEY OPERATION’s fee is based on the floor area. Depending on the building type, the size of the building and various other project conditions, we offer different rates as follows:
New Built Private Residence in Japan
60,000JPY/ sqm – 80,000JPY/ sqm
Minimum Fee 5,000,000 JPY

This includes the general communication and correspondence in English, but the drawings will be drawn only in Japanese. If all the drawings need to be in English as well, extra fee will be required. Please ask for a quote if some of the drawings need to be written in English.


Expenses and disbursements properly incurred in connection with our appointment will be charged in addition to fees and will include the cost for the following:
– Long distance travel cost, charged at cost (100 kilometres or more for one way).
– Accommodation expenses, charged at cost;
– Service fees for the building control application;
– Purchase of maps and printed contract documentation, charged at cost;
– Photography, charged at cost;
– Courier if required, charged at cost;
– Site survey and building survey cost, charged at cost;
– International telephone calls, charged at cost.
All normal in-house expenses such as domestic telephone, domestic fax, local post, drawing materials, local travel etc. are included in this fee proposal.

+Method of Payment

(1) First payment
Upon execution of this Agreement 20% of total fees payable
(2) Second payment
Upon work completion of Outline Design 20% of total fees payable
(3) Third payment
Upon work completion of Production Information
Upon commencement of works 40% of total fees payable
(4) Fourth payment
Upon commencement of works 10% of total fees payable
(5) Fifth payment
At the time of completion 10% of total fees payable

+Liability and insurance

KEY OPERATION Inc. maintains Professional Indemnity Insurance in respect to our liability to our clients.