REVILLA Todoroki Model room



Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

This is a model room for the full renovation of one entire 26 years old condominium. The theme was how to make the space feel wide and open, even in the narrowest premises of this condominium. The water systems are concentrated in the middle of the planning, dividing the whole into two sections. The outside wall of the box that contains the bathroom is embedded with a bookshelf, painted in calming turquoise blue, accentuating the space. The opposite box includes the toilet and a walk-in closet, and the outside wall is finished with mirror. The mirror not only vanish the existence of the box, but with its reflection it enlarges the space. There are no partition walls between the spaces; however, the boxes act as divisions of keeping a reasonable distance between the spaces.

  • Location:Setagaya-ku,Tokyo, Japan
  • Program:Flat
  • Completion:2012.08
  • Contractor:Yamada Construction
  • Photos:Key Operation Architects
  • Total Floor Area:67.61 ㎡


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