Inagawa Sakura Cemetery



Inagawa-cho, Hyogo

The tree burial in Inagawa Cemetery is located in the rich nature of the Hokusetsu mountains. The trees in surrounding area of the burial serve as the burial marker to remember and mourn the deceased. In the case of Britain, Switzerland, and Germany, the whole existing woodlands serve as the burial trees. The other method called Satoyama-style is the style the trees are planted at every burial. As Satoyama-style is not easy to access for the visitors, it is common to bury someone in a compartment of the park which have one symbolic tree in the center of the planting bed. The reason behind its popularity is that not only return to nature but also the progression of the nuclear family that can be easily accessed to the burial which performs memorial service for a longer period. According to the needs of society, the tree burial has designed in Inagawa Cemetery and the existing resting area by the road was chosen to be the site for the tree burials. There was an existing hedge surrounding the resting area, but it was removed and opened to the slope at the back where the cherry blossom spreads. The 148 caskets of 35 cm square are laid out in the portion of the beautiful scenery of the cherry blossoms that spreads out. The huge stone aligned in a row shapes its topographical features such as hills and creates the altar and the common grave. The caskets can sit in the peaceful and quiet place in the hills where the cherry blossoms grows.


  • Site:Inagawa-cho, Hyogo
  • Programme:Burial
  • Completion:2020.06
  • Contractor:MEMORIAL ART OHNOYA, INAGAWA SEKIZAI, Taiju General Landscaping
  • Photos:Akira Koyama,Hattori Photo Studio


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