Cassia Nishiki Honchodori



Naka-ku, Nagoya

This 14-year-old rental apartment which is located in Nishiki Honchodori, Nagoya, has been renovated the common use space. There are two voids with the concrete handrail in the outdoor common passage in 13-story rental apartment of 104 units. The common use space is open at both ends, but the daylight cannot be reached to the inside and it feels dark even during the daytime. The massive concrete handrail is covered with wood panel and creates a space with cozy atmosphere. The new metal coping tilts outward and protect the inner wall surface of the void which the drainage slope of the existing handrail faces inward. The mortarlike tile was placed at the bottom rising portion and it matches with the existing floor mortar. The entire wall of the common use space is painted in white in order to bring out the wooden texture and to brighten up a space. The line lighting is installed at the line the material changes, and the wooden panel handrail appears to be floated.

  • Site:Naka-ku, Nagoya
  • Programme:Apartment Building
  • Completion:2020.06
  • Contractor:R Interior
  • Photos:KOP


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